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Devil's Peak Brewery: One of South Africa's Finest

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

A collection of truly remarkable craft beers.

They may not be the pioneers of the craft beer movement in South Africa, but Devil's Peak was certainly one of the earlier entrants and has really moved to the forefront in my opinion. Their beers are consistently good and come at a reasonable price. Their earlier offerings, which are still a staple of their line-up, I feel, are by far the best: First Light - an easy-drinking golden ale, Good Hope - a full-flavoured pale ale and King's Blockhouse - a punchy, hop-packed IPA.

A collection of Devil's Peak Beers
When it came to moving house some time ago, I realised it was time to crack open a collection of their limited edition beers which I had on display in my bar. I would treat myself to one each night leading up to the move (along with some others from a few famous Belgian breweries like Cantillon and Westmalle).

What Makes Them So Good?

Two factors: consistency and drinkability. Even with some large scale commercial beers, I find that the flavour profile, mouth feel and carbonation can have subtle variations at times, but when it comes Devil's Peak's three beers mentioned above, I am never disappointed. Second to that, whenever I have finished one of their ales, I am left wanting for more. They aren't to heavy, too high in ABV or over the top in their flavour profile, they have just the right balance to make you want to crack open another.

Ales vs. Lagers

By now, you can tell that I am a big fan of their ales. But what about their lagers? Devil's Peak launched a lager a few years back which I would imagine was a strategy to tap into the much larger and more established lager drinking market. It also comes at a lower cost compared to any of their other beers. But, it's a lager and just doesn't possess the magical balance of flavour and "moreish'ness" that their ales do.

A lite variant of the lager would soon also emerge and enter one of the most dominant categories in the beer market, the lower calorie, lower ABV segment. To be honest, their first attempt was awful, it really lacked any substance but, over the past few years I'm happy to say that they have nailed it, as far as a lite option goes. I would sooner go for the Lite Lager than the regular variant in this category, it really shines.

And Finally, the Dreaded 0% Alc Option... Or is it?

The thought of a 0% ABV beer for most beer lovers comes with a scrunched up face and a look of disapproval. Very few breweries have really mastered their alco-free option; they taste strange, are thin in mouth-feel and watery in appearance.

But not Devil's Peak's offering. Their 'Hero' (originally launched as 'Zero to Hero') is one of the best alco-free beers I've ever tasted. For starters, it's an ale and is still full of flavour with great body. I can almost guarantee you that if you poured one for a friend, they would have no idea the it is a 0% beer (0.5% technically).

Should You Try Devil's Peak?

Absolutely! But I would suggest you start with their ale's mentioned above: First Light, Good Hope and King's Blockhouse (or even Hero for that matter). While I am no master brewer, nor a medal-wielding beer judge, I have sampled more than my fare share of beers from around the world and Devil's Peak remains one of my favourite breweries of all time.

Visit to view their selection and order online.

I would love to know your thoughts on their beers.

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