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How To Remove Calluses: A Simple, Pain-Free Method

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

If you have ever had a callus tear away from your hand during a workout, you'll know that feeling of dread and discomfort realising that your workouts may be restricted over the next few days or even weeks. Here's a simple, painless and very effective method to removing calluses.

How to remove calluses the easy way. Before and after image
BEFORE & AFTER: in less than 1 minute, calluses are gone using a DREMEL

Whether it's lifting weights, performing pull-ups, or mastering kettlebell swings, our hands bear the brunt of these intense workouts. Over time, calluses emerges on the palms of our hands which can become uncomfortable, unsightly and if not managed, can tear away leaving a painful crater on the palm of your hand which will make it extremely difficult to continue working out at max intensity. So if you've wondering how to remove calluses the easy way, you've come to the right place.

The more common options to removing calluses:

A razor blade or skin file is the most common method to remove calluses but I find that the result takes too long and doesn't quite get down to the root of the callus. Gently slicing away paper thin layers of skin with a razor blade is just not everyone's cup of tea and can leave you with an uneven result. A manual skin file can also do the job but is often too big to really get down to the root, or just takes too long.

So what is the best way to remove calluses?

The short answer is... a DREMEL! A Dremel is a hand held rotary tool generally used for small, intricate jobs that need more precision and control. Just to be clear, it was not designed with a callus removing attachment, but it in, it's generally used small-scale sanding, engraving, grinding and cutting of wood, plastic and steel - sanding being the keyword here.

So how can you use a Dremel remove calluses?

Where Do You Get a Dremel?

They are generally well-priced, can be found online (in the links below) or in hardware stores and are worth every penny, even if just for removing calluses. Far better than tearing your hand and being limited in the gym for a week.

Dremel Lite 7760 Cordless 3.6 V Rotary Tool
Dremel Lite 7760 Cordless 3.6 V Rotary Tool

I own the Dremel 12 V Cordless version, which is worthwhile if you will be using it for more than your weekly callus grind-down, but the Dremel Lite 3.6 V should easily do the job if it's just calluses you're after. It's also cordless which really makes it super convenient to whip out and into action and comes at a good price. The cheapest option would be a corded version which is also available from other brands at a much lower price. Just ensure that the option you choose comes with the cylindrical sanding drum attachments.

The Fun Part: Remove Those Calluses With your Dremel:

Dremel speed setting


Before you do anything else, set your Dremel to it's lowest speed. Once you have tested it out, you can increase the speed until you are comfortable but don't exceed 10,000 RPM.

Dremel sanding drum


Fit a sanding band to the rubber drum on the sanding attachment and insert into the Dremel, ensuring that it is locked in tightly.

Remove calluses using a Dremel


The nice thing is that the sanding drum is narrow in circumference so it allows you to attack calluses and really get down to the root. Be cautious with the speed of the tool as if you go too high or keep it in the same place on your hand for too long, you'll feel the heat from the friction of the sand paper against your skin which may burn. See the video demo below.

It Really is Simple and Pain-Free

If you keep the speed low and move the bit around continuously, you'll have smooth hands in no time. I even use it on other rough patches around heels and thumbs from time to time and the result is the same, super smooth skin.

Just be sure to use this approach with caution. If done improperly, you could injure yourself. Start slow and avoid sensitive areas. Do not try this with an already torn callus!

It's important to note that I am not a medical practitioner so please don't take this as medical advice, but my personal preference to remove calluses that has worked wonders for me, my family and gym buddies. Enjoy the grind!

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